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Why not be able to change wireless netCard MAC address

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Why not be able to change wireless netCard MAC address?

Now days, most of school or company or even family computer system apply security system on networks.  Since the use of wireless networking arriving in place,more best practice apply within wireless routers (AP) to block unauthorized access.  One way called MAC filtering.

MAC address format




To getting your card MAC address

You can obtain your MAC address by clicking Change netcard, in the pop up window it will show the adapter details , PHYSICAL address (MAC address) is one of the informaiton.

Why need to change MAC address

Sometimes your router filter MAC address so that only that MAC address to use network resource, instead of go to router change / enable/disable/ MAC address filter, you can change your own netcard's MAC address to turn on your network access.  Or simply because you want to verify if your AP's ACL setting is working indeed.   netcut allow you change MAC address on fly.  it works on most system , however sometimes when wireless card driver is windows 7 above, some vendor has fixed value and ignore the Operation system's call,  (we don't know why they do this, but it seems imply some sort of agreement between OS and Vendor factory broken), we don't know

Why not be able to change wireless netCard MAC address

It happen mostly under windows7, main reason Because the wireless card's driver is not properly wrote.

The solution

It is simple. remove the netcard driver and use a windows XP driver.  you can usually download the XP driver from PC provider or netcard company homepage.



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