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How long shall I wait before I can use netCut to test CUT OFF?

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Version tile 2.0.9 does not have this information, that netCut were doing it internally without notify user.  before netCut find if it's under a managed switch , it will not function well if it is in deed under a managed environment.   ---------- RootCause of some WIFI user stange experience. as WIFI set at driver level on MAC SPOOFING. and sometime (most time netcut been used to cut off right after start up)


Does that means WIFI or managed environment (managed switch) free from ARP weakness?   Answer: NO.

There are still way to spoof.  Netcut does it internally already.   so just need to wait.  next release 2.1.0 version of netCut will give this hints when it done study the network. (usually 30 seconds)

Ref managed network here http://www.arcai.com/arcais-knwoledgebase/item/68-unmanaged-versus-managed-switches.html

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  • Comment Link zukhruf Tuesday, 12 February 2013 13:40 posted by zukhruf

    hi, please help me..

    1. i don't know why my netcut just detect 2 IP (mine and wifi server).
    and the signal quality was 24.0 Mbps.

    2. why "Cut off (in Testing..)" why my netcut is not "Cut off (Ready)"?
    when i click "Cut off (in Testing..)", i get the message like that.
    and what is the meaning of that message?

    this is my posting

    please help me

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