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Sunday, 28 November 2010 06:24


netcut 2.1.4 ---- The most powerful netcut version (2.1.4) ever has been released. ensure 100% working under WI-FI. and ensure CUT OFF testing in all network environment. RISK CONTROL, detect network security, IP/MAC address mapping, SmartPhone/Iphone/Andrio/WIndows surface brand in your network, including their MAC address.

Arcai.com netcut-defender 2.1.4 ---The only one tool can 100% guaranteed success protect you and your user away from arcai.com's netcut cut (or alike) ARP SPOOFIng .


Netcut for Android Beta --- Full feature netcut (including protection) On Your SamSung Phone(or any Google Phone): Free,Fast,Power,Easy to CUT , Easy defend,Protect Note: NetCut require your phone be rooted and grant Root access to netcut. i.e: superuser


Looking for Help about Netcut for Android, please see "netcut for Android" help page

Looking for Help about netCut  please see "what's netcut"

Looking for help about arcai.com netcut defender , please see "what's netcut-defender"

Suggestions,Questions about netcut? please login in and post to support


TO DO next:

New release will be with a couple of more feature.   Including

Slow scan

Hide me from here

Instant change ID

Lock him

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