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    This is a promo combine Arcai.com with Amazon:

    Register Kindle Unlimited free 30 days trail and get a free one Month Pro membership from arcai.com .

    Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans


    1. Click above link to register at amazon free 30 days trail of Kindle Unlimited.

    2. Once you successfully registered, email [email protected] with proof you click through this link and you amazon uid , your netcut pro UID.

    3. We will grant your free 30 days pro once we confirmed.

    4. You may ask “do I need to continue kindle unlimited after free 30 days trail? ” Answer: No, you don’t need to , you will still recieve netcut Pro membership even if you canceled the Kindle unlimited before 30 days free trail end.

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    This deal work with Amazon 6-month trial courtesy of Sprint, for new members only.

    So put it simple: Once you start a 6 month amazon trail as student plan, (you must register by click banner above) you can request [email protected] get free 30 days netcut Pro membership .

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    Hey Admins,

    Can you PLEASE provide a second 30 day trial for those of us who already subscribe to Kindle Unlimited (and Audible as well).

    Also, I am willing to pay for an upgrade, but your website states that I must pay for your program using my rooted android phone. My phone is leased (S8+, Sprint) and my initial lease is up on 30 days. Sprint is anal against leased user’s rooting devices, plus I do not want to root/unroot with a pending 30-day device return.

    I want to test the full functionality of this app, and I’m even willing to pay to upgrade (would prefer a test period first though). PLEASE, what can your team do to help me either 1) gain access to a 30-day test or 2) help me upgrade using either my windows laptop or non-rooted Samsung phone?

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