Sign In Options not available Android 1.6.4

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    Hi guys,

    There is nowhere for me to enter my sign in details on the 1.6.4 version of the Android App. I have an option to “Refresh” on the Pro tab but it doesn’t do anything other than display a message at the bottom saying:
    Status: 2019-01-11 11:43:40 Logining pro account start
    but nothing happens. My Pro account works on my laptop but really need it on my phone as well. I’ve tried rebooting, revoking super user permissions, rebooting again, re-adding Netcut to Superuser and nothing is working.

    Any advice?

    Cheers, BA

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    Please try to use 1.6.5 .

    When you only see Refresh Button, it is usually means you have not connected to from your phone.

    let me know

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    It is a login service error on our side. thanks for report this. I have grant extend pro membership as a thank you.

    login service should have been fixed by now.

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