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NetCut Runs on MacOS X, Android (Root) and WINDOWS 10, 8, 7

NetCut 3.0 —- The most powerful NetCut version (3.0) ever has been released. Works and cuts under all network environments.

RISK CONTROL: detect network security, IP/MAC address mapping, SmartPhone/iPhone/Android/Windows surface brand in your network, including their MAC address.

Arcai Router—- The hotspot soft router that has netCut feature built-in.

Speed control: Full netCut feature within a hotspot.  Speed Control, App blocking, lagswitch.    runs on windows 10/11 NetCut-defender 2.1.4 —The one and only tool can 100% guarantee your protection from’s NetCut cut and other ARP spoofing attacks.

NetCut for Android — Full-feature NetCut (including protection) on your Google Smart Phone: Free, Fast, Powerful, Easy to cut, Easy to protect Note: NetCut requires your phone to be rooted and grant Root access to NetCut. i.e: superuser  Support  from Android 2.3.3

Looking for Help about Netcut for Android, please see “NetCut for Android” help page

Looking for Help about NetCut, go to  “What is NetCut

Looking for help about’s NetCut defender, go to  “what is NetCut-defender

Looking for help to ROOT your Android Phone?  go to Root Android Guide

Suggestions or Questions about NetCut? Please login and post comments to the relevant pages.

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NetCut , arcai router, WIFI Speed control for MacOS X , Android and windows