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Free Download for NetCut Defender 

NetCut defender is a free tool offered by to protect your PC from ARP spoofing attacks (including the ones done by another NetCut user) while keeping your network’s internet speed super fast.

Protect all your network connections including WI-FI in one place.

No setup configuration required, zero network knowledge required. Simply install/run and forget about it. Oh, maybe one thing will remind you, “how in the world is my WI-FI/network running so fast”.

With this free little tool, now you can safely browse at free WI-FI services such as at McDonalds or starbucks

It also comes with a internet speed testing and MAC address Brand checker

What NetCut Defender can do

1. Easy to use, automatically protects all network of your PC away from NetCut cut off or any other ARP spoofing.

2. Fast, Ensures Internet Gateway address spoof proof.

3. Safe, worry free. 24/7 running automatically.

4. No need for configuration, no network knowledge required, no need to know anything about your network. Just run and enjoy the safe network without compromising speed.

13 thoughts on “Netcut defender”

  1. Good morning,
    Somebody does not let me work.
    It seems like he, she or them has hacked my modem.
    I would like that the ONLY IP valid address would be but it does not let me to put it in your defender.
    Could you please help me.

    1. I understand that you only want valid IP in your network is you and your modem ? in this case you should set ACL in your modem. netcut defender can only protect you, it can not disable others.

      Netcut , however can disable other use your network.

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