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QUICK NOTE: the NetCut on Google Play is a FAKE CLONE. We have already asked Google to deList the fake app under our brand. If you or someone you know wants to use NetCut for Android. Tell him or yourself to download from the developer siteĀ  —

When we get back on Google store, we will let everyone know.

Download Netcut Pro 1.7.4 for Android

Scan to download
Scan to install Netcut for Android

Or click to download to your phone

SupportĀ  from Android 4 to 9

NetCut Pro for Android, Made by official NetCut developer, With NetCut-Defender built-in released today, Only registered users in have been notified at first place.

Thank you for waiting this long, NetCut Pro for Android has been released. This version can only be downloaded from

Note: the NetCut Pro is a membership based software, only members of can use unlimited features. Read HOW TO ENABLE PRO ACCOUNT

I am pleased to announce that “’s NetCut for Android” has been released as of today, scan to download link provided.

What’s new in NetCut Pro?
1. Speed control
2. Phone user report
3. One click to limit ALL
4. Chart Report by brand
5. Search IP/Name/Brand
6. Slow scan
7. Random fake MAC
8. 3 way attack
9. Black List
10. Fast scan mode

On Your Google Smart Phone: Free, Fast, Powerful, Easy to Cut, Easy to Protect

Note: NetCut require root to run, otherwise, it won’t be able to run.. If NetCut reports you are not running as root, ref here for How to Root your Android Phone

What you can do with Android NetCut?

  • Quickly detect all network users in your network, even when your phone has no valid IP address or not been granted use of internet. as long as you connected to any internet network,’s NetCut can work.
  • Set on/off line to any network users, including phone, xbox, softphone, PS3, PS4 etc. one simple click on the network user.
  • Cut off network between two network users within LAN , by setting one of the user as “gateways” , then cut off the other users. Those two users won’t be able to talk to each other, eg: apple TV, Google TV, Xiaomi box, cut off the phone connection to those boxes and it will disable screen cast like feature.
  • NetCut Defender built in. (turn on and off in one click)
  • Scan network when you feel there are users still on the network that you can’t see.
  • Check phone type: NetCut will be able to list type of phones.
  • Set and remember a user’s name: whenever this network user appears online again with you on same network, you know its identity right away. Long press any network user, a pop up window will allow you to input name for the user.
  • Detect attacker: if anyone tries to ARP spoof to you, you will be able to see who is attacking you from NetCut directly. Moreover, NetCut will turn the attacker offline right away.

240 thoughts on “Netcut For Android”

  1. Cannot be used after update. Note: Google Play is not supported. China also has a lot of people using your software and we don’t have Google. Hope to be updated. Thank you.

  2. When updates for Android version are up ?

    I don’t have PC so I cannot use the window’s version. Only my bro and parents are using PC 24/24h and mostly downloading. Please, do some updates for android version. The rooter got updates overtime , so the android version came useless. I’ve paid money , c’mon !!!!

  3. Nope the app isn’t usable because , since February many rooters got updates and Netcut doesn’t work anymore. I really don’t know , the app had updates each 1 month and now BOOOM* , 6 months without updates , except the netcut for PC who has alot of bugs. I still prefer the one on android since is more good.

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