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Arcai Router

Arcai router is a hotspot running on windows 10/11, that , be able fully control any clients . in term of

Speed control

App blocking

Lag switch

Console block

Internet time schedule

Internet traffic report (usage per app of the user)

Download Arcai router

If you already download and installed arcai router , go here to load

Support windows 10 , 11.


Speed control : Control any connected devices internet speed from 1kb/s to 1Gb/s

Block App: Block access to internet app as Youtube, Netflex, FreeFire, Twitter, Facebook. and still allow device access to zoom/teams. so user can study.

LagSwitch: Game player can use lagswich to gain some benefit from game experience. like PVP game


Release note

Netcut (windows):

Netcut for Android

Netcut defender:



Arabic: Marwan ALsidi from Forum ALsidi Group advanced technology

Should you wish to help translation netcut into your local Language, please contact [email protected] . after accept the translation, your name and website will appear in the credit list.

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    Netcut First time runner or after netadapter change

    Hello netcut user,

    Netcut is currently testing your network, give it 3-30 seconds to finish test. it is using this time to decide best way to cut off.
    some network that netcut can work 100% none trace able, some network netcut will have to use your own MAC address when spoof. allow this time for netcut to workout best method.

    Please wait netcut to detect network type before testing cut off.