admin help me netcut broken

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    admin help me i have this probleme and i install the last update in my pc
    Your netcut service might be not running, simply Download netcut 3.0.89 And Run.
    With netCut 3.0, you can know who has is or has been on your WIFI, his name, device brand, what time in, what time out.
    Speed Control !!!
    Automatic: See NEW unknown(guest) users in your network
    Click or Drag: Stop anyone access with one click or drag
    Schdule: Schdule anyone on/offline time per day
    Tablet suppprt: Support windows 10 tablet
    Cut Off ALL: One click cut off ALL (Pro member)
    netLock: Lock your WIFI network so no any new user can access. One click to release allow guest user access (Pro member)
    Records: View history records of who/when/name/brand been usig your WIFI and Left. (Pro member see full details)
    Geek play: Copy Mac
    NetCut Pro membership is only 1$ a month. or 9.9$ a year. Support paypal. If you pay via google pay at NetCut for Android, the Pro membership can be transfer to netCut Windows. Just need to login with username/password

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    please do a reboot and try ?

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