An Review About Netcut,(i want o get free pro haha)

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    as long i using netcut for cut down any other users,i feel so satisfying about this software,unlike P2Pover this software is easy tu use and approve can faster your wifi speed : )
    if you using a wifi with lot of people using it, its make your wifi slowly,the wifi form my university is very slow,so i want to check how many people was using wifi on my university,when i check any other user on netcut app,it showd 1002 any otheruser,then its impossible to cut off one by one :”.
    but if using a wifi with little wifi user,its can be most efficient app ,here some pic about what a awesome job that netcut do:
    The User Interface Of Netcut 3.0
    my download speed is faster twice 🙂
    Before sing Netcut
    After using Netcut

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    nice post, I already download the netcut,and it really WOW

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    haha same on you dude, i want to get free pro for one month,but netcut is easy to use and very powerfu,but if anybody know you are using netcut,they will get mad dude hahaha

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