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    Question: ‘Aye can someone help me please it keeps saying on my Xbox when I connect it ip not found’

    Answer: Please do reset network on your computer (that run arcai router) it is usually caused by your installed some network apps, or did network bridge or customized DNS . Do network Reset

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    I have my console wired and arcai router wired to same router/switch. What is the manual IP/Mask/Gateway/DNS I can use to force my console use arcai router as gateway?

    mask :
    your PS4/PS5/Xbox can use IP as or and so on

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    Question: I connect just fine I’ve reset my computer 4 times now nothing shows up in the shop it shows me logged in its been working fine for the past months but just until a couple days ago it started doing this .. And the active plans aren’t popping up Under my login. I’ve Uninstalled and reinstalled everything and still nothing


    Is your system Time correct ?
    please make sure your system time is real time. or your computer won’t be able to load accounts.

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    if arcai router can’t start hotspot, which adapter should be removed and restart.

    softether VPN
    Microsoft Kernel Debug Network Adapter
    Microsoft Hosted network vistual adapter
    Express VPN

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