Can your family find out you are the one responsible for bad internet?

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    I’m using netcut because my internet is trash, so I need to limit my family’s usage of the internet so I can get the best internet possible. (Selfish ik)

    I’m really worried about getting caught tho. My dad is calling our internet label on the phone and is confused to what’s happening. Can the phone guy find out it’s me?

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    no, the phone guy would not find out , unlikely , unless they step in and you are running at same time.

    however, hey, you suppose to use necut on your own family where you are as a dad or mom :).

    If the internet are too slow while you trying to do something impotent, you could talk to you family and make sure the speed you use netcut to control is enough for the rest family.

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    when you talk to you family that could use the tool, they might be see good point for you that you be able to technology at this level.

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