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    I am using netcut on windows 7 64b and I believe I have a thomson router and another huwai box next to it, not sure which is which pardon my noobness on the matter.
    I can’t seem to cut the internet from the 3 leeching iphone/ipad/mcbookpro’s in my house or any of the other windows pc really, only net that seems to go down when I use the netcut is 1 sony xperia.
    What can I do?

    Cheers and keep up the good work.

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    you are right, the phone methods are different than the windows one. try to use phone version for now please.

    New version on phone will allow you choice which method to use.

    After phone upgrade, there will be an upgrade to windows version too. keep in tune 😉

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    Thanks alot for the quick reply, please keep up the good work.

    -feel free to close topic-

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    dont server the purpose of net cut, it dont cut the net actually, i have cut all the network still no change every one is using the internet in my hostel

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    hello OliverStone,

    Are you using phone version or windows version?

    Phone version more power than windows version. new version of windows and phone will allow choice different way to cut off. and remind which way is traceable.


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