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    Hey there, i have pro account that i lend to a friend because he needs to do his things with a unstable net, when your service had that attack problem, my friend said he couldnt connect to the acc, and atm i had a “bug”, that didnt let me sign out, i just thought it was a sync problem because only one of us can connect at the time, and i reinstalled Netcut (i use chrome), and im still having the same bug, as you can see there:

    in the first photo it doesnt show the username, and when i click “Sign Out” button, nothing happens o.o… i click refresh and its the same thing, i reinstalled wincap and netcut a loooot of times, i cleaned chrome with CCleaner, reset it, and also reinstalled it, didnt work, i cleaned/reset all net options, changed my ip address, nothing worked, so i assume it has to be a service problem. In the second photo, when i try to cut wifi to someone, he will stay in the middle, not to the left and he will have net, still xD. idk what to do :/…

    now that im doing this post, i have to say that i used netcut fine until now, and the page is really slow not like before, i dont know why, is only in netcuts page… ill wait for your answer

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    pd: yes i hit scan button and refresh button a lot of times, nothing worked, i uninstalled with revo so i also cleaned the system register, still bugged

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    try now. it should back to normal

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