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    Hallo , I’ve downloaded the new update of netcut recently , there is a new option called Game Lag Compensation , I was wondering what’s the use of it , Is it can help in online games , reduce the ping as an example ?? ,, and thanks

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    This trick might not work for all games or resources, experiment at your own interest and risk.

    start from incoming : 10 and outgoing 30, increase 10 at each try


    start from incoming : 30 and outgoing 10, increase 10 at each try

    This feature can NOT reduce ping. It INCREASES PING . So why would you use it ?

    It allow you specific lag ping to milliseconds, and allow you increase at download only. or other way around.

    Note: this feature is for using netCut to help game play at other devices, mobile phone/xbox/ps4 etc.

    The option offers a way to control it’s own network lag. Beside’s simply CUT off or slow down. gamer need a tool to create one way communication only.

    1. Fast receive server status, but delay input to server

    2. keeping feed input/changes/action/spending to server, but delay or even refuse the server’s feed to you.

    I am sure most of online game player knows this but not with a handy tool like this. Hence netCut.

    There are couple of way to leverage this tool. we currently can think of following. You as real user can try out unlimited ways of game glitches.

    1. Incoming delay 0. outgoing delay 100-300 MS (different games have different magic numbers that give the best lag compensation). This will create a lag at the server’s side, while at the same time, you receive other user’s status (position/fire) in real time. So it gives benefit over just creating a lag to the other players. That you know other’s status, but the others don’t have yours. And the server will calculate your lag Compensation too.

    Further reads

    2. incoming delay “over a minute”, outgoing delay 0 MS (again, different games and different resources in those games have different magic numbers that give the best lag compensation, we have to find out which actions work). This will cause client game to input status to server. But delay, or even refuse to receive server’s result status. Here is the interesting part: for some resources (ex. gold), server side will trust client side, when client uses that resource and waits for server long enough without confirmation this results in a surprising situation: you can reuse that resource, for free (ex. you bought a sword for 3 gold coins but you still have them) or the client game itself will redo the action you just did (ex. you hit a person once but the server thinks you hit him twice or even more). When game server receives this repeat message, it will trust client’s input and execute it, AGAIN!. There are many cases to try out with this method, as we don’t know which is trusted: from client or from server. The scope is unlimited.
    resource include : movement , coin, hit, stardust, score of wining etc etc. ( we already tried stardust but does not work. 🙂 )

    Anyway, it is a tool to offer you ways to achieve online game glitches. That was not possible to test out before.

    Again, this trick might not work for all games or resources, experiment at your own interest and risk.

    And it’s fun after all, only tryout the lag response input you will see the game action is quite interesting…..

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    you are fast replying , thanks for the explanation , get it

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    Another question , this option is applied on the other devices that are connected to the router , can I apply it on my device (netcut Owner) ?

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    no. can not, you have to run netcut on another PC to control this one. and disable this netCut on this PC, as they conflicts

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    hi! im a new user. can someone connected into my router use netcut while im using it? or while my pc is off?

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    goood broo

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    How to know which magic numbers that give the best lag compensation.

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    you have to test it out, each game has different setting for best lag time, my guess(testing) is around 100Mili second to 400Mili Seconds.

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    You mean 100milli seconds to 400 milli seconds in outgoing or incoming game lag compensation or should i set both incoming and outgoing to 100 to 400 milli seconds

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    Depends what you want to gain, and how the game designed.

    If you want your action feed quickly as possible to server. but still want a game lag compensation, you should set Outgoing 0 delay
    Incoming 100-400 Delay (magic number that is).

    This way the server see you have a delay, but your move actually move quicker than the server assume . as the server calc the lag compensation base on two ways (in and out).

    If you want use the local game resource, without telling the server you use it , or delay to tell server you use it. you set the
    Outgoing 1000- 100000 mili delay.
    Incoming 0 delay.

    This way, you receive game server status, but when you spent local resource, the game server did not record that. depending on how game designed, and how server cares about the type of resource you use. you MAY be able to double /dup spending your resource.

    for example: Pokemon go, when you about to throw a ball to catch , set the incoming 0, and outgoing 100000, if you miss catch the Pokemon , the ball miss will not reach to server, so at your phone, you still have that number of poke-ball.(the first one still record, but all the rest are not recorded to server) this is because Pokemon go let your phone to record that, if submit failed, server doesn’t care. if your ball hit the Pokemon, and you are happy with the hit (excellent,great) for example, THEN, you quickly set the outgoing delay to 0, this Catch submit to server right away. — above result you only lost one ball no matter how many poke balls you use. and you can decide what kind of hits you want to let the game server record. eg: 5 great throw in a row. (note: if you hit a Pokemon and decide not let server know, the phone will give error as “item is not usable at the time”. you don’t loss ball, and don’t break strike the throw in a row and MAY re-encounter the Pokemon later, the phone may make the Pokemon flee .

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    Wow man this answer was very helpfull i was struggling a bit to understand this thing and i have searched and found nothing as well as this

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    So basically a lag switch..??

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    How about say it is basically an advance version lag switch. that it allows you LAG at one way only. normal lag switch stop traffic both way(in/out)

    A. lag at incoming only , and no lag at outging. this let your game client refuse take status update from server, but keep talking to server with it’s current status. (strgenth, energy, point , level)

    B. Lag at Outgoing only, and no Lag at incoming, this let your game maintain online status, spending local resource, without save the spending back to server.

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    Could you explain to me how it would work in a moba. is that I want to know if I can apply the two blow when I am doing one or at least I understood that

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    apply two blow with one action would means “repeater” . not game lag.

    you can use game lag , in two ways

    1. make your other player doesn’t have your correct position. by delay outgoing

    2. or reuse resource that the game trust local copy . by delay incoming.

    both need to try out differnt value . again it is different in each game by game design.

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    start with small lag value, ie: 1000 then increase by 1000 each time, increase and test
    most game will have a value to 1, give up resent , 2 timeout client and mark you offline
    so before that value, you may be able find something suit

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