Gateway # appears in IP Address field, needs fixed

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    Found the two Users I needed it to: my laptop where it is installed; and the wifi through my Xbox. Bu, on the Xbox User on one it has the Gateway # in the place where IP Address is supposed to be, which makes the tool useless. When scanned, it displays all the correct numbers. So I copied and pasted the IP Address and MAC numbers into the find/search, and it doesn’t even recognize the User info it just displayed from the scan results. I bought this for one reason, and it doesn’t work right.

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    do you mean the xbox shows under trust users? or xbox itself shows as Gateway ?

    If xbox shows under trust users. you can drag it to “other network user” . then control speed .

    if xbox shows as gateway. it must be a wrongly scanned. you can reboot PC to force netCut to reload everything. Or you can restart windows service “AIPS”.

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