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    Someone, I think it’s my neighbor who is not only breaking into my router but he is also on here moving the settings around. I’ve changed my router password but now I have to make my router more secure by getting rid of online access. How can he get on here and move the connections around. He is making a fool of me and I’m not good enough to know how he did it and what I need to change. I think changing the password of my router and online access will do it for a little while.

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    I think he is gone now that I changed the password for BOTH frequencies which I forgot to do at first. I don’t see him but I hope that he wasn’t able to install a key logger or other tracking software that will comprise my computer. It’s kind of scary and my Spectrum ISP isn’t any help if you don’t rent their equipment.

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    hello Jeff,

    If you believe someone has your WIFI password and is in your network, you can change the WIFI password. it will stop him getting back (condition). some old wifi router (I don’t think yours is the case. just login into your router and make sure your connection security protocal is NOT WPS or WPA1 .

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