How can i keep the app running?

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    So everytime i use the app and open other apps for sometime and coming back to it again i noticed that it got restarted.

    And is it really normal that i cant keep the options i turned on if i exit the app?

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    You Can try switch OFF UI. we will look into this to use service but Google might not like the background long running idea.

    or use windows 3.0 version.

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    I see its the android itself.

    And anyway, whats the difference between the 3 cutoff methods?

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    they work the same result, but if you know someone if running sniffer on the user end, then set the method to only spoof to gateway will make your message not appear in the sniffer.

    if you know someone running a sniffer at the gateway end (switch mirror port). then only send to user will make you message not been traced.

    it is something for engineer to play with.

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