How to disable netcut at startup and how to turn off and turn on the netcut?

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    need option to disable netcut at startup and need toogle button (on/off switch) for netcut usage. sometimes, i use the netcut when necessary and at another time i wanna turn off the netcut when in no use. I only found toggle button “defender on” “Defender off” and i think that’s the button to turn on and turn off netcut, but i just realised that it doesn’t.

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    Create notepad files with the following text then save them as .bat (not .txt).
    Start netcut: net start AIPS
    Stop netcut: net stop AIPS
    You have to run the files as admin.

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    Not working at all. I used this but not worked. What is this code for mr. Truepeace?

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    I agree, we will put a button of ON/OFF.

    The service will still be running, but will only do one thing when off, that is wait to be ON. no scan, no cut/ speed control at the time.

    Sounds good?

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    hi admin Keymaster.
    no need for the process to start if i don’t want to use it.
    it’s that simple.
    what it that process doing in the back background?
    are you spying on people?
    otherwise it does not need to run in the background

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    Hello Taklooo,

    good question. and no, the process does no spy actions.

    Netcut need to run at admin right. And users don’t know how to allow admin right at first place. in the past we spend too much power to explain and tech user how to click on certain button in order to run netcut correctly. the backend process does this so user don’t need to worry about how to enable admin shell for netcut.

    like “turepeace” gaves, you can stop and run it by youself. By make a bat file. (pretty smart btw , kudos to truepeace) .

    Again, you need to run that under admin shell. which is everytime you spend extra 30 seconds ~ 1 minute to prepare to run it.

    that 30 seconds ~ 1 minute is your time, compare to the 1/1000000 of cpu resource of your PC.

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    I have been using netcut since v2 and love the GUI app better than using a web based app. and running it as administrator is easy as clicking OK.
    and no need for a background process.
    OR the easiest way to control the startup process, is a small launcher app that start the process and open the link.
    double clicking it and accept the administrator privileges would be less than 1 second.

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    yup. I agree for experienced user like you. In that case the BAT file idea is perfect for advance user.

    plenty of user have no idea of that Administrator Privilege thus confused by the promote window each time they run. we have some user at retire age and trying to use netCut to protect their house WIFI not been steal by strangers. imagine guide them get admin right 🙂

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    It is easy.

    Press Windows key + R.
    Type in “SERVICES.MSC”.
    Right click “Arp Intelligent Protection Service” and click “Properties“.
    Change Startup type to Manual.
    Press “Stop” if the service is running.
    Click Apply and Ok.

    When you need to run the program navigate to your install folder, right click on netcut_windows.exe and “Run as administrator”. Then navigate to the website as usual.

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