I bought it yesterday and it says i'm no longer pro

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    Hello, i bought a one month subscription yesterday logged in with my google account here is proof : https://i.imgur.com/6Pk7nXG.png

    Today i log in and it no longer says i’m pro and that it has expired 8 min ago ? https://i.imgur.com/MtDS6Ld.png

    So i just paid for nothing ?

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    the order was paid to a PID that not your login. next time please login in first before buy. I have transfer that pro to your google sign in just now.

    Need relogin or wait login service restart since it’s a manual operation

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    Oh okay that’s weird because i paid using my google account and i logged in into every one of my others account aswell just to check and none of them was in pro mode

    Maybe i did a mistake somewhere either way thank you it’s working fine now

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