I want my money!

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    It´s the second day I try to use Netcut and nothing works. I download Google Chrome just to get this message “”Your netcut service might be not running, simply Download netcut 3.0.58 And Run.””

    I download that and my computer couldn´t open it, cause it´s a virus. Eaven my Panda Antivirus rejected the file and restar my Computer

    I was using Netcut in my Firefox explorer without problems. So I bought 1 month to try it an Now I can´t use shit, I want my money back,

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    in any way, you can request refund , no problem, please let [email protected] know your order id.

    netcut is not virus, you can put netcut.exe aips.exe and netcut_windows.exe into whitelist of your antivirus software.
    if you like to continue use.

    just download the last version and install as admin.

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    why I can´t use netcut in my explorer? I download google chrome and nothing. then download the things you ask to and still I can´t use my explorer to run netcut

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