im the one whos getting blocked not what i put to jail

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    so i reinstalled netcut and whenever i go to the website where i control im the one who keeps getting disconnecting and getting high latencies on discord (every game aswell over 150,000+ ping) but when i deleted netcut i eventually got low ping again. any fix? (also i tried to block but it didnt work it just blocked me even tho im on trusted users)

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    hello Amidstacy,

    there are two situations here block and speed control

    1. 100% bandwidth block. when you block other . your PC send packets to tell router redirect other packets to you. and you drop it right away. since you drop every traffic of that user, soon that user would has no traffic . so your pc will take short time of traffic for a minute. then the traffic will drop.

    2. speed control / activity block/ game compensation. your PC is the router , which handle the traffic of that user along with your own traffic. this way , your PC will take more load.

    we will have fix on situations 1, send email to [email protected] , so to recieve a beta version see if it works.

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    emailed thx

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