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    Yes, I have been here before but I have taken some more glaces of netcut. I think netcut is a great application for important cases such as wifi intruders, kid monitoring, revenge plans and more.

    This thread will go through the positive and negative and how you can fix most of it.

    Positive: The idea overall is very well thought out and nice. I’m glad this also has a PC and Android version too. And that does score some major points for me. The UI looks amazing and it shows what device you are using, which is some more extra points.

    Negative: Free Limitations. This is what made me stop using the app, I think 180 seconds + 10 times a day is WAAAY out of the ballpark here. I do not think there should be a usage limit or a timer in general. Yes, I know you do not make a lot of profits often but in my opinion I think this can be fixed upon.

    Concluded Fixes: Remove the usage limit, reduce the time limit or remove it in general, if you guys brainstorm I know you will find some better ways to make pro not be in the way for the core app.

    Thank you for reading

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    thanks for the thought. we do have plan on to the adjustment on Pro and free version. to keep our sustainable development / service . stay tuned, update to come.

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