net cut is cutting my internet connection

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    netcut is cutting my internet connection
    this happened after updating to the latest version I found some people reporting the same thing so I guess it’s not only me

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    Clean browser cache or try use edge browser. New release need reload new UI code.

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      I tried every solution you posted out there I’m using edge everything was fine till you guys forced me to update to the latest version it’s a common problem and I’m using edge and i reinstalled netcut and it didn’t solve the problem so I hope you guys fix it!

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    netCut is running fine in clean windows 10 and window 7 SP1 with latest security pack . so at the moment unless we have a way to reproduce it. we will not be able to do any “fix”. please provide how to reproduce the problem.

    Other than that , possible problem related to your system network could be and fix are.

    1. try to reconnect your WIFI, make sure your WIFI TCP/IP is using DHCP automatic obtain IP. if it is fixed IP, make sure the Fix IP is there that is not blank. (some user report this and be able fix the problem after reconnect to WIFI

    2. remove /disable google chrome ext that may interface with netCut.

    3. switch to a different browser .

    4 . Clean browser cache.

    5. uninstall netcut –reboot — download latest from — install —REBOOT.

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      I did all that and also I redownloaded windows today from Microsoft official website and updated it and as soon as I installed netcut it did the same thing and as I said the older version was working fine but as soon as I updated it the problem occurred it’s a common issue with the latest version, and u should know that by now there are a lot of users out there who might think it’s an internet issue it took me like 15 mins to know that netcut was causing it at the first time so please stop dealing with it like it’s one or two users issue anyways I uninstalled netcut until you guys fix it, have a nice day.

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    At the fresh installed windows. Do you have other software installed beside netcut?

    VPN ? Anti virus? Extention?

    As said before , we need be able to reproduce it at our lab in order to fix.

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      1- no anti-virus I even disabled the windows defender
      2- no VPN installed
      3- extension just regular stuff like adblocker popup blocker etc nothing new, i’ve been using the same extensions with the older versions as well and it was working fine
      the only related software is a program called Netbalancer and I’ve been using it since forever it didn’t cause any problems with the older versions of netcut nothing other than that just drivers updates and windows updates as I said everything was working fine till I updated netcut yesterday to the latest version

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    are you be able to run netCut on a fresh windows? it should work.

    If it conflicts with a third party software, we need to able to reproduce that in order to fix it, we may not be able to fix that if they can’t co-exist.

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      okay, let’s recap here before this last update netcut was working fine, after adding a bunch of codes or changing some codes and releasing the update many users came here complaining about netcut cutting their own connections, and all your answers about 3rd party software that we all installed at the same time which made this happen?
      at least be realistic at solving the problems allow us to use the older version till you fix the new one which by the way is your fault or whoever is coding it not our fault
      as I said netcut was working fine I didn’t install any new programs I didn’t change any network settings or any of my routers settings nothing weird happened it’s all about the update
      anyways I gave up and I uninstalled it until you guys fix it and stop blaming it on users for installing other programs, have a nice day.

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      Exactly Thank u, i dont know why they keep putting this comment when the problem 100% is from the last update just give us the older version until u fix the code and stop complaining about third party software the problem is from netcut i tried this version in 4 computers with different wifi and still the same no connection fix it and stop typing that the problem is from our computers thank u.

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