netcut 3.0 for windows 7/8/10 Support goes here

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    Any support related to netcut 3.0 for windows 10.
    Please post question here

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    netCut 3.0 for windows Released (Full feature as netCut for Android) plus Records. Support any devices run windows 10

    Limited Free Pro membership gives out:

    For anyone Create review topic of Using netCut 3.0 on,

    if it

    1. Has Topic name: netCut 3.0 For Windows Review by xxxx
    2. Covers screenshot. which browser used, working or not.
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    you will get free one month netCut Pro membership. Limited 1 per user. You can request [email protected] to get Free Pro membership. This Offer is limited time only. so take time.

    Hello ,

    I have an netCut windows insider news for you. this information has not been released to any other user yet. I give this to you as your shows pro attribute. I trust you be able to use this for good.

    Netcut 3.0 for windows 10 (support any device run windows 10) has been released. It has full feature as netCut for Android. Support Speed control and Schedule . Plus, it records all ACCESS user details (time, who, brand, in and out).

    It requires windows 7 Above (support windows 10 tablet).

    Important: You need to latest Google Chrome to run netCut 3.0

    Download and run at

    Download netcut 3.0.50 And Run. at
    With netCut 3.0, you can

    Speed Control !!!
    Automatic: See NEW unknown(guest) users in your network
    Click or Drag: Stop anyone access with one click or drag
    Schedule : Schedule anyone on/offline time per day
    Tablet support: Support windows 10 tablet
    Cut Off ALL: One click cut off ALL (Pro member)
    netLock: Lock your WIFI network so no any new user can access. One click to release allow guest user access (Pro member)
    Records: View history records of who/when/name/brand been usig your WIFI and Left. (Pro member see full details)
    Geek play: Copy Mac

    If you needs defender, or dont have a ROOT phone and still want full function of netCut, netCut 3.0 for windows is avaiable now.
    Happy playing!!! Any suggestions are welcomed to post on


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    I’ve got a little problem. When I’ve installed the NetCut for windows , last version , it worked. I mean the netcut load page showed up with all the devices, after I restarted my pc , only the gateway showed up. And the netcut-windows , said error.

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    hello Andy,
    Try do reboot your PC. or try to reconnect your wifi.

    If still problem, rerun netcut.exe will fix it.

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    Works pretty fine, can control individual device’s speed and add devices to trusted. Only one problem though, it doesn’t works sometimes, just reinstall your netcut and should work fine 🙂

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    Good to know Recon,

    I know there are some time not working problem, a fix is coming up soon.

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    Unable to make payment from India, interested in buying the pro subscription, suggest some other method.

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