Netcut Blocks the Device Instead of Slowing Down


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    I’m sure this has been adressed before because I read through a bunch of threads but still no solution. 🙁

    I have the Pro version of Netcut. I want to lower the bandwidth used by my Roku TV. Less bandwidth but still operational. Problem is that the stream stops playing completely when the bandwidth is reduced.

    I have a Netgear router, No other connection monitoring tools, Tried tweaking changes mentioned in other threads. Still no luck.


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    1. Make sure netCut running on PC connect to same SSID as the controled speed’s/ the device. some router has 2.4 and 5G two SSID name. take a look .

    2. make sure don’t use mesh WIFI.

    3. make sure disable IPv6

    4. check the router security setting , if there are anti ARP setting, make sure it is Unchecked. it could has name as “MAC binding” , “ARP binding”. VLAN etc. make sure disable those.

    that should be tweaking .

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