NetCut cutting my connection

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    I’ve already reported this bug under another nick once. After installing the latest update of netcut, the Internet on the whole PC stops working. I don’t have any programs that might interfere with netcut.

    After the installation of the netcut, the pages stop being loaded. After uninstalling the netcut everything comes back to normal, the internet works properly, the pages load immediately.

    Once the solution was rollback, and then you fixed it. I don’t know why it’s happening again, but the previous versions worked without any problems.

    I tried to install the netcut on a clean laptop – exactly the same thing is happening. I’d like to point out once again that I don’t have any other programs that may interfere or limit the Internet.

    I’m asking for either a fix or some rollback to the working version, because I’ve already tried everything, including the new win10 clean system, reboots, browsers, programs, etc. nothing works.

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    Known incompatible software:
    Avast antivĂ­rus

    if your system has above software installed, they may conflicts and CPU hike.

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