NetCut not Working (See for more details)

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    Netcut was supposed to be working. This week, probably around 4 days ago, a green detail text appeared below to speed controlled connections “Free help to stay home period of netcut user” what’s this supposed to mean?

    After that the devices that has been cut are still connected and has full connection speed.

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    you mean “orange” color text appear below to speed control ?

    it just a new feature that you be able to see the speed in value of the device you control speed.

    if you slide the speed to 0. the device will not be able to connect to internet.

    there are might be still few KB shows at it’s speed , but those data are not going through. it is one way data, can not get to internet gateway.

    btw. the detail text has been there for a month now. did you just upgrade recently?

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      yes I upgrade (update netcut version)

      I wanted some devices to be connected but with limited connection speed (100kbps) but they still got megabytes of speed, even though it’s already set to a specific limit.

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    your windows might have other software running as router . that while netcut not forwarding the packets, the other software does. are you using latest version? 1.0.3 disable remote routing service, it does not cover all but help some. as there is not possible or intend we know what other software running on your PC.

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