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    Is this normal? Before my netcut price is 1$ for 1 month but now one week is 1$ and for 1 month it cost 2.99$ Netcut price

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    The price changed at 2020 May.

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    okay thank you

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    What is the real price?

    I wanted to pay for a month and the page says that the price is 2.99$ as you can see in the photo:
    Arcai price

    But when you have to pay it, it tells you a different price that is not justified in any way. As you can see in the photo:
    Payment price

    It is not the first time this has happened, they have more than 3 months with the wrong price.

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    The price was base on CAD currency , there are might be forency exchange rate difference changes when paid in USD, as it changes every day.

    We will adjust the price to CAD currency in the system to reduce this confusion.

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