New user – disconnect error???

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    Hi there. I’m a new user and impressed with it when it worked first day and considered to pay but today it said that all the connected devices were disconnected when they were all actually connected. So even when I turned them off in netcut, the devices still actually all worked. It fixed the problem after a fresh re-install but every time the router gets reset, the problem occurs again. Is there another way to stop this other than having to keep uninstall/restart pc/install restart pc? are you aware of the problem? Many thanks

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    we are not aware of this issue. when a device not response the packet more than 60 seconds, it will be mark as offline. what you describe here seems netcut not be able to send out packet . are you using windows or android. when netcut not running under admin or root , it will not be able to send out packets.

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    Same issue here with Netcut for Windows (latest version)

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