Packet Loss with Netcut

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    Recently I’ve noticed that when using Netcut to cut people off my WiFi, I will get a lot of packet loss (between 250 – 700ms).

    This first happened around 2 weeks ago, although it seemed to be fixed. However, today, again it’s happened to me. Reasoning behind me knowing that surly it must be Netcut is when I allow people back on as I think Netcut may not be working properly, my ping will stabilise back to 20 – 30ms (when nobody is using the WiFi other than myself).

    Any fix would be greatly appreciated, as I’m aware that Netcut does work, as when cut off, my Phone doesn’t work.

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    when you cut off device, if the device was activly using internet, all the device packet will go through your PC (the one run netCut). so it appear your own bandwidth reduced. if your use 100% cut off. give it certain time, the device may stop retry send outgoing packet, then the impact will be less. another way is use a dedicated spare PC/root phone to control speed. that you don’t rely on the PC’s own speed.

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