what happen. arcai netcut


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    1st you force people to use your browser version (please make windows application full of ads.).

    2nd full of ads (im okay with this no problem)

    Third the 180sec per set. yes per set.
    Can you add set/apply button on every devices?
    Imean every click = 1 set. so every wrong click = set. set = 180s waiting time. 10 devices = 10 sets. 10 sets = 1800s. 1800s = 30mins.

    do you really hate us?

    You can add ads every set and remove that cooldown thing. or change back to old settings remove all features i really hate that cooldown thing.
    I dont really know how ads work.

    4th my grammar is sht. so yeah awesome just giving tips. old version is better than now.

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    thanks for the feed back.

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