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  1. I keep getting unknown guest user in netcut win 10. I have troubleshoot the modem/router, and did so many other troubleshoots to my PC, but still get the unknown guest user. I tried putting their MAC address in the blacklist in my modem/router settings, but they still appear. I believe its a hack. How can I stop this?

    1. you should change you wifi password. there might be some device change it’s own MAC from time to time, use netcut to find out it’s device name , then the product it self should explain why it need to change mac

  2. Hello, I am happy using Netcut so far and am looking forward to learning it more. When I paid for the Pro version I sent a payment before setting up an account and had to pay again. I would like to get something for the extra payment or at least have it go to the next pay period for Netcut, thank you.

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