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NetCut / netcut defender/ netcut for android related document

How to use netCut Get all the IP addresses in my LAN?

Use netcut Get all the IP addresses in your LAN?

in short: Just run it , you will get it in less than 3 seconds

Inside netcut do a QUICK SCAN: select the Gateway, and click on [Search LAN].

When you start the NetCut. By the time in your LAN any computer who have any kind of traffic pass through your Lan. the computer will appear in the left Computer List Along with their Hostname(some UNIX system may not appear hostname), MAC address you do not see any computer which does exist in your LAN,you could make it to appear by trying to use that computer’s network resource.


eg:try to visit it at network neighborhood or ping it. If you can not see any computer at all,it seems that you need to click on Change NIC button,and choice other network card than the one you are using now.  by click the card name in the list box,then click OK If you still can not see any computer after tried all your network card,you can mail me your network satiation ,OS and network card type to me.  Go to click on “ask a question here”


how to resume, connect a device / PC/iphone/xbox/PSP/WII online

Often, after test a period of time the computer remotely been shutdown offline, you can use this function to recover it back to normal.  it’s simple one click.

Select the IP that has been offline by netcut, and click on “Resume” button.

That is it. the device should be back online without problem in seconds.

Alternatively, close netcut ,  all tested computer will recover itself within 1-2 minutes.  at worse case, you may need to reboot your router or switch.


How to “cutoff” (Remote shutdown) someone’s network

How to “cutoff” (Remote shutdown) someone’s network

NetCut make the Computer off line by means of make the computer unable send any traffic to the Gateway. So ,


  • Before you make the computer offline , make sure there are correct gateway at IN the Right GateWay IP LIST
    • If you didn’t see your gateway appear in that list, try to ping the gateway
    • Or you see your gateway IP appear in your Left Computer List you can make the computer appear in the gateway By following steps
      • Selected the Computer by click on it
      • Click Button [>>] will make the Computer become Gateway.
  • So since NetCut can make the Computer unable to talk to the gateway, And you can make any computer be treate as Gateway by NetCut. So that means you can make the computer unable to send any traffic to any computer in your LAN
    • eg: you want Computer A not able talk to Computer B , follow the steps
      • Select Computer A In Computer List ,
      • Set The Computer As Gateway
      • Cut Off Computer B
  • How To Cut Off A Computer Select the computer you going to cut off in the left computer List,and then click Cut Off button,that’s it.


1, Select the computer you going to cut off in the left computer List ( could be a computer/xbox/PSP/WII/Iphone/Google phone)  or could be any wireless device that on your network.

2,and then click Cut Off button. this is it. isn’t it simple