find ip address,MAC address,gateway address of your PC and your network

a 10 minutes solution for local IP/Gateway find

START->CMD-> ipconfig /all

a one second solution for ALL IP/MAC and name from your network

Run netcut, netcut will automatic detect and display your gateway/IP address/Mac address! . Not only this, it will print out all IP address/MAC address within your network.

Here is how:

1, Run netcut. you should see all IP/MAC including which GATEWAY in use in seconds.

2, If not seen, simply click on “Choice NetCard”, change to a different netcard that you may actually use, Click on “OK” .


ALL done.


Also, you can click on “Print table” button, which will list IP/MAC/Hostname in one text table, where you can copy and paste to excel file, or any database to use.