New update is pure garbage

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    Since the new update ( yes the one where you are limited to 10 cuts per day) i just can’t use netcut again. Because my internet is unstable and i need to adjust the TV cap so it just don’t cut it but i can play without lag. We need to wait 180 sec to adjust it and only 10 times a day, so basically i just can’t use netcut because it simply cut entirely the TV and the whole family just want to strangle me. I would gladly support netcut by watching daily ads or things like that but i cannot afford to pay. I’ll look for an alternative while this ridiculous shit isn’t changed.

    With kindest regards, Bleelooks.

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    you should be able to find right rate for TV stream? usually 2-5 MB should be enough for Youtube. that only takes one speed setting.

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    damn u arcai

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