Use NetCut to Change MAC address of a adapter support XP/Windows Vista / Windows 7

Change MAC address of a adapter freely ?   Clone MAC address from a local network by one click?

Yes. With netCut 2.0.9, it’s do able . and it’s easy/free/fast/safe.    I hope this help some users that use netcut for years and had discover other useful than “cut” .  Enjoy!


Before you click on Change, you must has done following

1. Select a adapter to change.

2. Select a PC to clone MAC address from

3. Click on “Change Mac ” Button


When you Click on “Change” Button,  Following action happen

1.  NetCut stop monitor the adapter

2.  NetCut Stop send packets to the gateway and the been dealed PC.

3.  NetCut read the MAC address from the input box and write it as the MAC of your current netCut selected network adapter.

4. Disable the network adapter.

5. re-enable the network adapter.

——-> Note: step 3, 4 and 5 may fail when you are not local admin . or you are running firewall that prevent “change register/change network status” action.  when it fail. netcut will raise a window stat it, and you will need to manually restart the network adapter.  and restart netCut

6. netcut resume monitor/sending packets to gateway .