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Here you will be able to find what is netcut, how it works, and why it can work!

The most powerful netcut version (3.0) ever has been released. Ensure 100% working under WI-FI. And ensure CUT OFF testing in all network environment.

RISK CONTROL, detect network security, IP/MAC address mapping,
SmartPhone/Iphone/Android/WIndows surface brand in your network, including their MAC address

Go ahead to Download NetCut —-> The only tool only that can 100% guaranteed success protect you and your user ARP SPOOFIng , and find who is on your Wifi network in seconds . plus be able to kick them off or speed control , and the best thing is it’s free

How to
use it

Netcut Support Documents and related knowledge

101 thoughts on “NetCut – official Free download support for netcut”

  1. Hi i downloaded net cut for PC and all the packages installed but when i run it as admin it doesn’t Evan work, i have reinstalled like 6 times now and it keeps doing the same problem then a little screen saying what i want to do with the site and where i want to open it freezes on my screen, is there a way to fix this or i wont be able to use this at all?.

  2. Hey there, PC version doesnt works mate. And the android version doesnt blocks some one from using Youtube. I dont know why but whenever I try to block myself am still able to surf youtube videos. You got any clue about it 😀


  3. I am from facebook so I wanna write about your smart apks and software’s so can you help me to give real info for my page likers plis when your answer is yes I can continue my questions
    1 I am the user of netcut with root access (the normal apk not the pro) and when I always open the apk it says “I am downloading some missed files for your phone.. 1…..100% its very boring keeping it always up to 100 so what is its problem?
    2 then next I am get NETCUT ROOT from aptoide apk so its good but it is not functional all time when I block there is noting appears to their phone they take it as funny and they arre downloading and I tried to download and install again and its the same with thus two apks so what is the problems?
    3 at the final I got arena net cut the multi dehavioral one and its amazing and when I signed it in it says expired and I logouted and when I tried it again it says the same I wanna to know its pro behavior and its smartity plis recommand me the real answers plis . thanks a lot (YZV)

    1. 1. because you are using old OS. and somehow your phone can’t connect to server to download.
      2. don’t understand , sorry.
      3. new version will get ride of this. no need login

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NetCut , WIFI Speed control for MacOS X , Android and windows